Monday, March 25, 2013

Boykin Springs Camp Out, March 2013

The club's first event was a Saturday ride and camp out at Boykin Springs Campground on Saturday, March 16th, 2013. Hairsmith, Jeff, and Dutch rode their dual sports on some East Texas back roads, while Steve and Rich pounded some pavement on the way to Boykin Springs. We were joined at the camp site by EastTex from the hammock forum (read his write-up here).

EastTex posted a great video of Boykin Springs on YouTube:  Look for a shot of Jeff's MRE imitation pork rib sandwich!

Here are a few pics.

On the way to Boykin Springs.
After making it to a little known trail on the Texas Louisiana border, the dual-sport group stopped for Jeff who was catching up after locating parts of Dutch's bike. Dutch reattached this taillight and had it working before we left camp.
The group had to stop for a repair to Hairsmith's bike.
Hairsmith planned a nice Route to Boykin Springs that took the group over some of the worst roads he knew in East Texas, and he knows lots of bad roads. Boykin Springs is about 65 miles from Nacogdoches, they arrived there having ridden just over 150 miles.
Dutch at the camp site.
Rich putting up his micro tent with Jeff's hammock in the background. 
(l-r) Dutch's Honda, Steve's R1100RT, Hairsmith's KLR/trailer rig, Rich's K75S, in the back is Jeff's yellow KLR. Steve and Rich went by a vintage bike shop in Joaquin, TX, then rode twisties along the Texas side of Toledo Bend Reservoir, stopping for lunch at Lane's in Hemphill.

(l-r) Château Florentine, Le Petit Château Rich
We got the fire going and used Hairsmith's collapsible camping saw to saw off a chuck of log. That was sure fun.
(l-r) Jeff's KLR, Rich's K75S, Hairsmith's KLR/trailer rig

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